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Once Upon a Time

You know what's really amazing? And kind of sad that it's so amazing.

Watching two women on a mainstream primetime series fighting and instead of slapping each other and grabbing at whatever hair they can reach? They just flat out punch each other and one of them tackles the other into a mausoleum wall. And even though that scene was sparked over a man, that was just a last straw in a long line of incidents where these two women were butting heads and was really about the one woman's abandonment issues and pathological fear that everything the other woman's been doing is to ruin her life and the fact that her issues have led to her turning evil. Literally, I mean, she's actually the evil queen from Snow White.

Yeah, and this guy? Was breaking up with her, and I quote, "Because I need to feel something." Yeah. That's right. Dude was breaking up with the evil queen not because he'd found a more interesting spark with the other woman (again, quoted, "You're breaking up with me for her?" "No. I'm breaking up with you for me."), but because he found the relationship so overwhelmingly emotionally unfulfilling that he just couldn't take it anymore.

What is this gender equality in script writing? I mean, they're starting to shift focus a bit away from AdoraKid, which is kinda sad, and this latest episode was just ... sad in a completely spoilery kind of way. But. These female characters are actual, like, characters! They're not male stereotypes but with tits and child-bearing hips; they don't have Token Prissy Quirks to remind you that, even though they're badass, they're still GRLZ~; they're just people. And the fact that they were born with double-X chromosomes doesn't effect every word that comes out of their mouths nor the way they're treated by the other characters.


No, seriously, everyone should be watching Once Upon a Time. Even if the fucking amazing character treatment doesn't convince you, the fact that the basic synopsis sounds like it's stolen straight out of an LJ RP should:

So the evil queen from Snow White got so pissed off that Snow got her happy ending that she got together with all of her fellow fairytale antagonists to cast a spell over the whole fairytale kingdom taking away all of their memories, and all of their happy endings, and transporting them to a town in Maine that they can't ever leave. When they try to leave, bad things happen that force them to stay. When they try to remember their pasts in the town, everything's just a blur that they write off. They don't question the fact that time's been standing still for the past twenty-eight years. The only one who remembers anything is the queen, who is now mayor; though there is potentially one more character who may be manipulating things behind the scenes.

The only hope they have to break the curse is Snow's daughter, if she can be convinced that the story's true.

This is some seriously awesome shit going on. Go watch it.
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Another world is possible!

I had the amazing privilege of joining the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action on their two-month birthday, November 17th.

I also wrote an article about it which was posted on the only political blog I frequent anymore.

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! ♥
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Yes I just made you watch that. WELCOME TO MY SUFFERING.

Someone PLEASE figure out how to stop companies from using internet memes for their advertising campaigns.
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I guess they might be disappointing for some people

You know that feeling when you're trying to write something -- be it an essay, fic, novel, or RP tag -- and you know what you're trying to say, but just can't seem to remember what the word to go along with it is?

That's when a reverse-definition lookup comes in handy!

Most of the time.

Check out suggestion #88 in my search for 'does not meet expectations.'
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Well, this is a first. I can't ... well, couldn't say that I'd ever been personally offended by an XKCD strip but, well, good show, I guess.

Dear XKCD,

I'm happy for you that you have the money to feel free to stop at whatever gas station strikes your fancy. But yeah, I work for minimum fucking wage, out of necessity like most of the rest of the country working for minimum fucking wage. I also have a two hour round trip commute and you don't seem to give a shit that that gas station five minutes down the road that's ten cents cheaper MIGHT just be one of the seven or eight gas stations along my route to work anyway. So no, I'm not going to save any goddamn money paying almost $4/gallon at the first Gulf I hit versus driving a little ways until I reach the Wawa that's only charging $3.51/gallon.

Besides, usually when someone looks for the cheapest gas, even if they're going out of their way to do it, it has less to do with "in the long run" and more to do with what kind of hit their bank account can take right now. Possibly because they're only making minimum fucking wage, yeah. Because if they're filling up, especially, going to one gas station over another can mean the difference between anywhere from a few more cents to, in my case, $6 more.

But I'm sure you knew all this, bright guy that you are.

If I could afford to pay $4+/gallon I'd live on the west coast.